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Re: 1.5.1: can't open files beginning with "..."

On Sun, Oct 26, 2003 at 09:18:21AM +0100, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
>> > Does it fix the following:
>> > 
>> > Administrator@mordor ~
>> > $ cd /usr/bin../
>> No, it fixes the more than two leading dots problem.  The above is
>> a genuin windows problem as you noted in your previous mail.  I don't
>> know how to fix this without noticeably slowing down the path conv
>> routine.
>I'll try to send my patch for reviewal to cygwin-patches tonight. I have
>used it
>for a while and haven't noticed any perforamance hits.
>It works like this:
>1) Count the number of dots for each path component
>2) Check if the path component consists solely from dots
>      If it does return ENOENT if the count of the dots is
>       greater than 2.

Why would we go to this effort, though?  If the underlying FS gives meaning
to a file named '...................' why should we add overhead to cygwin
to stop it?  The path handling code is already slow enough without adding
checks for corner cases.

On the other hand, this *is* something that managed mode should deal with


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