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RE: *** unable to allocate heap, heap_chunk_size 0, Win32 error 0

Ronald van Gogh wrote on Thursday, October 23, 2003 10:44 AM:
> First of all, sorry, but I still don't know how to post a reply,
> since I'm registered on the mailinglist in digestmode and nobody seems
> to be able to
> tell how to reply on a single mail I see in this list of mails.

You might use, that transforms the newslist into a normal news group.

> This problem becomes very urgent to us. If we can't fix it we might
> have to look for alternatives !
> As I've told before we're collecting information on a dominoserver
> every 10 minutes by running a bash script (cygwin) scheduled by
> Windows Scheduler
> (Splinterware). We noticed that sometimes (once or twice a
> day) this failed.
> To check the cause we created a new small shell script, which only
> writes a date and time to a file. Furthermore, to catch any
> stdout/stderr messages,
> we called the script by a batch file. The sources of both programs are
> described below.

You might give the new bash release a try, since a bug in the pipe handling was detected by cfg, that manifested itself especially if a script was called using bash from DOSish environment in combination with pipe redirection.


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