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RE: Cygwin Setup 99% (fwd)

On Tuesday, October 16, 2003, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> Shrisha,
> The Cygwin list does allow posts from non-subscribers, but puts them
> through spam filter checks, and sometimes does not let messages
> To find out how to be able to post without being flooded by e-mail,
> <>.  I'm directing the reply
> the list, though.

Thanks.  I hope this message makes it.

> On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, Rao, Shrisha wrote:

> > I cannot open a bash shell when the setup hangs, because Windows
> > a "Missing Shortcut" called cygwin.bat.  Suggestions?  Thanks for
> > time.

> You can always do a "cd c:\cygwin\bin" and ".\bash.exe --login -i"
from a
> cmd.exe shell, which would be equivalent to the standard cygwin.bat.
> above suggested commands can then be run from that shell.

I did that and got a bash shell, thanks much.  

However, strangely, the "kill -9 ..." sequence you suggested itself
hangs within this bash shell.  (Actually, when the shell comes up it
does not know the right PATH, but this was easily fixed with

Some commands work within the shell and some don't; e.g., tar and bzip2
work separately but tar -xjf doesn't (no error, just hangs).  Likewise,
latex hangs saying "kpathsea: running mktexfmt latexfmt".


Shrisha Rao

> 	Igor

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