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RE: mouse: (was Re: sshd and cat)

> From: Suresh Venkatasubramanian
> Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 3:40 PM

> On Sun, 19 Oct 2003, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> > * Asif Iqbal (2003-10-19 01:45 +0200)
> > > The third thing I just noticed I can't copy using my mouse.
> >
> > Yes, you can. If you are using the windows console you can enable this
> > in the properties dialog and if you are using rxvt you just have to
> > select the text.
> >
> Moreover, using xwinclip can allow you to copy from cygwin windows to
> Windows. However, I am still trying to get the reverse to work: namely,
> transferring something from the Windows clipboard to a cygwin window.

Just FYI... ;-)

You're running bash in rxvt (I personally do reccommend doing so, unless you
have a very specific reason not to, e.g. running a number of DOS/Windows
console programs).

 1 - Use your middle mouse button. (inserts all of it)
     (note: Disable Mouse support, if you use nano)
 2 - Hit the insert key (inserts first line, prerequisite below)

$ grep paste .inputrc
"\M-[2~": paste-from-clipboard # Insert first line of (Win) clip

$ man readline	# tells more about possibilities.
$ man bash		# as does this

$ man rxvt		# also tells more...

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59?16.37'N, 17?12.60'E
-- printf("Timezone: %s\n", (DST)?"UTC+02":"UTC+01"); --

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