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Re: ssmtp 2.38.7-4 reads headers from message body.

Olaf Foellinger <> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 10:57:27AM +0200, Frank Slootweg wrote:
> >
> >   Does anybody have some other suggestions? Another tool which can
> > do the same job (i.e. read From:, To:, Subject: (and possibly Cc:
> > and Bcc:) only from the header part of the input file)?
> exim ?

  Thanks for the pointer!

  As you can see in my other response, I already have a usable
workaround for ssmtp (convert DOS-format input to UNIX-format), but exim
may come in handy at some time. I installed it and played a little with
it. Even without bothering to configure it, it 'automagically' worked,
but then stopped working with mail stuck in the mail queue. As I have
too litlle experience with sendmail (I only used it as a user, i.e.
"sendmail -t", not as an admin), it is not clear to me if I can only use
"exim -t <inputfile" or that I also have to run exim (with "-bd"?) as a
daemon. Anyway, that is for the future. For the moment I can use ssmtp
with UNIX-format input. But thanks again for your pointer!

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