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Re: setreuid

On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 13:19:29, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> No, that's not right.  The German term for "increase quotas" is
> "Anpassen von Speicherkontingenten fuer einen Prozess" (at least on
> 2003 Server).  "Erstellen eines Tokenobjekts" is German for "Create
> a token object".

Hmmm, the document you pointed to mentions "act as part of the operating
system", "replace process level token" and "increase quotas". Now I have
the following privileges granted:

Einsetzen als Teil des Betriebssystems                 ZAISAN\ibr
Ersetzen eines Tokens auf Prozessebene                 ZAISAN\ibr
Anpassen von Speicherkontingenten für einen Prozess    Administratoren
Erstellen eines Tokenobjekts                           -

ibr is a member of Administratoren.

Logout, login, tftpd. The result is: setreuid(1012, 1012) = -1 EPERM.
This works if I grant "Erstellen eines Tokenobjekts" to ZAISAN\ibr. What
is going on?

With kind regards,

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