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RE: setup hangs during postinstall

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Steve Fairbairn wrote:

> Again, probably going over old ground but I can't find anywhere that it
> has actually been stated for those that can't duplicate the problem,
> that
>         TOPFOLDER="$(cygpath d:/)/Cygwin-XFree86"
> hangs, but
>         cygpath d:/
> doesn't hang?

This was already stated.

> As Brian has noted, Executing the binary with '< /dev/null' stops the
> hanging, but also executing it without capturing the output to a variable
> also stops the hanging.
> Could the capturing of the output somehow give the child process an output
> stream but no input one?  Could something be failing because (going on
> CreateProcess API) it was told to inherit file descriptors but there isn't a
> valid input one?
> I'm just trying to throw questions at anyone in the hope I might stumble
> across something that makes one of the real geniuses realise what is going
> on.
> Please tell me to be quiet if I'm being annoying ;)
> Steve.

You could try testing the following things:

$(cygpath d:/) # don't capture the output but execute cygpath in a subshell
sh -c "cygpath d:/" # force the subshell to be "sh"
$(cat /dev/null | cygpath d:/) # see if pipes work the same as input redirect
$(cygpath d:/ > /tmp/cygpath.out) # see if redirecting output also affects it

I'll let you know if I think of other things to try.
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