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Multiple versions of MSVCRT.DLL (RE: setup hangs during postinstall)

> From: Christopher Faylor
> Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 8:43 PM

> Igor's theory about DLLs might also be the culprit here.  I wonder if
> the PATH is different when run via the desktop and a different version
> of MSVCRT.DLL is being pulled in or something.

*SHUDDER* - I wasn't aware of this... 8-I
This looks as it could very well be possible at least.

$ find $(echo $PATH | tr ':' ' ') -type f -iname 'MSVCRT.DLL' -maxdepth 1

NOTE:  /cygdrive/c/ <-> Windows 98SE   on this machine.

 Can anybody tell me WHERE those Win2K PATH components might be set?
It sure isn't in "My computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment
variables -> Path".
I've been hunting for it an hour or so now, SITD.
I find almost surprising that I have as little problems as I do, mixing
windows versions as I am.

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59?16.37'N, 17?12.60'E
-- UTC+01, DST -> UTC+02  --

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