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Re: merging mingw and cygwin

> to support just gcc.  Everyone does not want all of the 600+ megabytes
> of Cygwin just because they want a C++ compiler (or C, or FORTRAN).  That
> is why some good, open source IDE's for C/C++ use MingW as part of their
> full installation.  No fuss, no muss, relatively lightweight download.
> Wayne Keen
Right.. all good points, but all minor barriers to overcome. All you would have to do 
is put an 'install mingw subset' button on setup.exe, and it would well, install a mingw
subset and put cygwin in 'mingw mode'. 

It sure would beat the install process for mingw right now, which is a manual 
horror right now involving the download and installation of several,
separate packages in different directories.

If, of course -mno-cygwin == mingw, which I'm going through right now.


    ps - even if I can cobble together, say berkeleydb which builds native in mingw right
    now, how does -mno-cygwin benefit from all the work that the mingw team has done in
    making the native windows port of cygwin work?

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