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Re: setup hangs during postinstall

Some replies.  Then, new info at the tail.

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 02:12:34PM -0500, Brian Ford wrote:
>>The hand decoded trace (The same one as before.  I still had gdb up.)
>>is below.
>Wow, that was a lot of work.  Thanks for doing this.

You're more than welcome.  I really appreciate what you do for Cygwin.
Given the right little hints and pushes, I can get a lot done.

>>Getting gcc to product dwarf2 output is easy.  Getting the resulting
>>executable to run with the dwarf2 sections is the hard part.  It
>>(dwarf2) needs a section relative relocation in gas/ld/bfd like I said
>>before.  Know anyone who wants to help?  :D
>Unfortunately, not.  I've been asking various people to do this for years.

It just dawned on me that I could use the new separated debug info that
gdb supports for testing this further.  I'll look into that.

I just wish I could find my way around gas/bfd well enough to implement
the relocation.  I really don't think it's hard if you know what you are

>So, if I can believe this trace, it looks like cygwin is hanging waiting
>for a lock while exiting.  I don't see how it's possible to be waiting
>for a lock unless cygpath was a multi-threaded app or if the signal
>thread grabbed the lock and didn't give it up, neither of which should be
>the case.
>So, color me puzzled.
Me too :), but it gets stranger...  This hangs:

FOO=`cypath -S`

but using #!/bin/sh doesn't.  likewise, strace hangs here:

FOO=`strace -o /tmp/cygpath.strace cypath -S`

but not using #!/bin/sh.

Neither hang if setup is launched from bash instead of explorer.

Brian Ford
Senior Realtime Software Engineer
VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
Phone: 314-551-8460
Fax:   314-551-8444

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