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Re: 1.5.4-1: Problem with XEmacs, fonts, and subprocesses.

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 07:00:56PM +0100, Triza UK wrote:
>I have same experience with Cygwin 1.5.5
>I updated my Cygwin to 1.5.5 and XEmacs became unusable.  Cygwin 1.3.20
>works OK.  XEmacs I am using is 21.5.5, but this must be a Cygwin bug
>because I only ungraded Cygwin.
>The problem starts when I run a subprocess from XEmacs.  Good example
>is gnuserv.  This is not a gnuserv related bug because clearcase.el
>also wrecks XEmacs, which also runs subprocesses.  Having run a
>subprocess, XEmacs screen failed to get updated, characters dissappear.
>I found a thread on an XEmacs mailing list which describes the same
>problem.  There is a hint on this thread about the root cause:

This message has already been sent here.  It is, predictably, the usual
vague type of musings that we get from the XEmacs camp.

>I tried and recompiled the very same XEmacs version I mentioned above,
>but it did not help.  I compiled some more recent beta and normal
>XEmacs versions, but they all suffer from this problem.
>Many thanks to the good soul who could fix this bug.  I am happy assist
>you in testing it.

I will repeat my original offer to help anyone who wants to debug this
program but (and I think I'm being consistent here) I'm not going to
be downloading XEmacs to try to figure out what's going on.  I simply
don't care enough to do that.  I have other things which interest me

Sorry to be blunt, but having been subjected to the insinuations of the
above archive message twice now, my already limited ability to be
tactful has worn a bit thin.


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