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Re: problem with tcsh-6.12.00-7.tar.bz2

>> This package includes /etc/csh.login which has the line:
>> 	set TERM=cygwin
>> This should instead read:
>> 	set term=cygwin
>> which will set the shell variable term and the environment variable
>> TERM correctly when tcsh is used as the base shell for the Cygwin shell
>> window.
> Thanks for the heads up.  I'll patch this for the next tcsh release.
> Actually it shouldn't matter.  $term is set correctly when starting
> tcsh from a command line window nevertheless.  The above `set' command
> should never get called since Cygwin sets the TERM environment variable
> to "cygwin" automatically, if $TERM isn't found in the environment.
> Corinna

It appears to be the other if-condition (tty=conin) that is causing that
line to run when I bring up the Cygwin shell window.

In truth I hadn't seen this problem until recently.  This broke for me
because I had to install Rational Rose.  Believe it or not, this product
sets TERM=nutc in your global Windows environment.  While I personally
find this a poor implementation on Rational's part, I am stuck with that
if I want the Rational suite of development products to work.  That
variable affects Cygwin tcsh, so the /etc/csh.login change really does
help me.


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