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[PATCH]setup.exe passwd-grp.bat being created when not needed

Currently /etc/postinstall/passwd-grp.bat is opened before the need for it
is determined.  This results in the file always being executed even though
it is normally empty.   This patch may eliminate the flashing console window
at the end of setup.exe when no action is expected.

I left the iostream::mkpath_p() call at the top of the function to make sure
/etc/postinstall/ always exists after make_passwd_group() is called.  This
appears to be the only place the directory is created explicitly.

Sorry for the separate patches.  The two issues are independent and I didn't
notice this until I'd already sent the previous patch.  The patches may be
combined if you wish.
Mac :})
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2002-02-18  Michael A Chase <>

    * (make_passwd_group): Don't create passwd-grp.bat

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