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Re: Fwd: [MinGW-patches] Patch for GPROF runtime on Win32

 --- Christopher Faylor <> wrote: > On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at
07:22:38PM +1100, Danny Smith wrote:
> >This patch was submitted for mingw runtime. It may also be applicable to
> >cygwin. Any comments (apart from formatting)?
> >
> >Here is the Changelog entry:
> >
> >2002-01-22  Pascal Obry  <>
> >
> >	* profile/profil.h (PROFADDR): Cast idx to unsigned long long to
> >	avoid overflow.
> >	* profile/gmon.c: Define bzero as memset if mingw32.
> >	(monstartup): Use it.
> >
> Is this part of the sources in winsup?
> cgf


Pascal's patch is against files in mingw SF CVS  but the same files exist
in winsup/mingw/profile _and_ in winsup/cygwin.  In winsup the cygwin and
mingw versions differ slightly, but except for copyright date, most of the
diffs are guarded by ifdef __MINGW32__. 

The mingw versions have this comment:

 * This file is taken from Cygwin distribution. Please keep it in sync.
 * The differences should be within __MINGW32__ guard.

Hence my original question.  Even if I do not apply Pascal's patch it may
be a good idea  to resync the two versions.

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