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Re: [bug] Crazy I/O

Re: Archives ??

Re: B20: mv deletes files on error (NT)

Re: binmode + termios + OCRNL + ICRNL

Re: Console handling fixes + find root bug squashed? Please test.

Developers mailing list policy change

exceptions in cygwin.dll?

Re: File System Extensions (FSEXT) for Cygwin

gcc/ patch

Re: kill(getpid(), 0) will fail

Re: Latest tty changes.

mmap bug

Re: More console changes

Re: mount command

Re: My console rewrite is finally available

Re: Need opinions on "by invitation" status of cygwin-developers

New Win32 API header files

Re: Patch, Version 2: UNIX-like permissions on objects

Re: Patch, Version 3: Unix-like permissions on objects

Re: Patch: Avoid warning in compiling utils/passwd.c

Re: patch: telldir() and seekdir()

Re: proposed patch: fix console attribute glitching

Re: Question about making changes...

Re: Repost: Help porting cygwin to Alpha?

Re: Repost: Patch, Version 2: UNIX-like permissions on objects

Re: Repost: process table shows already killed processes

Re: signal safety and cygwin

Re: Windows CE support

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