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Console handling fixes + find root bug squashed? Please test.

Ok.  I think I've fixed the problems with 'binmode' causing strange
behavior.  Modes should default to "cooked" mode unless specifically
changd by tcsetattr.  This should solve the input problems that Corinna

I've also made input and output share one termios structure, which
should solve the problems that Kazuhiro noticed with `less'.  I'm
embarrassed by that one specifically because I'd actually noticed the
problem after making my changes and never did anything to fix it.

I think I've figured out a method for sharing the console termios
structure across processes so that stty will work on consoles.  That
will show up in a couple of days.

Finally, I've rewritten the low-level translation that looks up a POSIX
path via the mount table.  This should fix the problems that were
reported on the cygwin mailing list regarding find in the root directory
as well as the irritating problem of not being able to say "cd
mount-point" when your current working directory is the root directory
and "mount-point" is a "mounted" directory.

I'd appreciate it if people would check this stuff out.  I'm sure that
I've screwed something up somewhere and I want to know where.