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Re: Patch, Version 2: UNIX-like permissions on objects

On Sat, Mar 06, 1999, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> I have still problems, too. I'm using my patch since I write it
> in the end of January, but since I downgraded from SP3 to SP4 this week,
> I got new shit in it: ./configure in winsup now crashes, if `ntsec'
> is active. Sigh! I think, I have to reinstall my NT! The problems
> are not only related to cygwin... :-(

I won't want to commit any changes until Cygwin is stable with:
1) SP3 and SP4
2) ntsec actice or inactive
3) with or without valid /etc files

It can default to the old behavior if /etc files aren't present or if
they're invalid but it can't crash.  And I think ntsec ought to
default to on once everything is stable.

> IMHO, this wouldn't be the big deal. Especially on workstations,
> the decision, which local group is the main group of an user,
> is hard to do.
> I would like to keep the /etc files for a while, until somebody
> knows a sure and correct solution for this attachment problem.

OK, but I do consider the requiring of /etc to be a significant
problem with the Cygwin system.  As long as your changes don't make
the existing situation worse, I guess we can stall fixing this
situation until a later time...

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