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Untidy situation regarding p11-kit packaging causing setup inconsistency


I've noticed that on a number of occasions when attempting to update my
Cygwin 32 bit installation, that amongst the list of packages for
update (Download only method), libp11-kit0 is continually listed to go
to version 0.18.17-1.

I never noted what happened when I finally performed an Install/update,
as the actions on other packages masked what is truly happening. But
obviously what is happening is that libp11-kit0 is remaining at a
version other than suggested.

This snippet will give the problem away:

$ cygcheck -cd p11-kit libp11-kit0
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version
libp11-kit0          0.19.1-1
p11-kit              0.18.7-1

I should note for those unaware, the chronology of the release of these
packages is non-sequential in terms of version number.

0.19.1-1 was released on 30 May 2013:

0.18.7-1 was released after, on 16 Oct 2013:

What I suspect the problem here is, is that p11-kit was autoselected by
setup.exe for update (0.19.1-1 -> 0.18.7-1) in the first instance,
however for whatever reason, setup.exe didn't make the same
transition for libp11-kit0. Perhaps due to a bug in how it handles

Regardless, the problem still exists. Because for whatever reason, I
cannot force-ably select 0.18.7-1 in the Install (from local) run of
setup.exe. I can only keep libp11-kit0 at 0.19.1-1 or uninstall. The
latter triggers the dependency check to prompt for it to be installed
anyway, as it is needed by p11-kit.

Now, the packaging inconsistencies. I note that my Cygwin 64 bit
installation has p11-kit at 0.18.7-2:

$ cygcheck -cd p11-kit libp11-kit0
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version
libp11-kit0          0.18.7-2
p11-kit              0.18.7-2

First of all, this is not the latest available for 32 bit.

Second of all, I can find no announcement in either cygwin or
cygwin-announce of it being released. I looked for the announcement as
I suspected that the reason behind the -2 spin was to workaround this
setup.exe problem. Am I right?

If so, do we need a release of the -2 soon?


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