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Re: [ITA] base-files

Corinna Vinschen writes:
>> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
>> wget="wget -rxnH --cut-dirs=2";
>> ${wget}/base-files/base-files/base-files-4.1-3.tar.xz
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>       There's one "base-files" too much.

Thanks for catching that, sorry.  The middle button of my mouse acts up
since a few days and produces additional clicks sometimesâ

> A few (rather minor) notes:
> - I think you should bump the version number.  4.2 or whatever.

I've no problem doing that once everything else is finalized.

> - In etc/postinstall/
>     /usr/bin/chmod 1777 /tmp 2>/dev/null
>   This looks gratuitious.  Setup itself already sets /tmp to 1777.
>   I never heard of somebody changing the permission of /tmp to
>   something else, so it probably doesn't hurt...

That has been in there since the 4.0 release.  I cannot find out what
problem it was supposed to solve (it was introduced at the end of 2010).
I can remove it if setup.exe already does that.

> - In etc/defaults/etc/profile:
>   Just a heads-up.  Be prepared to remove the entire section about
>   mkpasswd/mkgroup checking.  It won't work as expected anymore as soon
>   as my AD integration code goes release.  Along these lines, I will
>   update the base-cygwin package not to create passwd and group files
>   anymore.


> - Do we still need etc/defaults/etc/profile.d/  How long has
>   it been?

Almost exactly two years.  Again I can't really follow what the original
problem was, but if it's been solved in a different way in the meantime,
then that script certainly can be removed.

> Other than that, it looks good to me.  I'd say, let's go for it when
> you're ready.

I still need to wait for Chuck to create an inetutils package without
/etc/defaults/etc/shells.  Then we'll probably need someone with
sourceware access to create the four !ready files so that the upload
gets done in synchrony.

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