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[ITA] base-files

Since the current maintainer David Le Sastre Medina seems to have gone
missing, here's my attempt to wrap up the changes that were implemented
after the 4.1-2 package was published as experimental (and then never
released).  The pertinent discussions on the Cygwin ML are listed in the

Change Log
    * Eliminate Windows PATH from default PATH if CYGWIN_NOWINPATH is
      set.  Record the Windows PATH in ORIGINAL_PATH unless that
      variable is already set.
    * Better guard for non-existent /etc/skel.
    * Improve profile_d function.
    * Add /etc/shells.
    * Use full path for tools and avoid DOS file warning when creating
      service files.

Git repository (originally cloned from GitHub):

Test package:
--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
wget="wget -rxnH --cut-dirs=2";
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

+<[Q+ Matrix-12 WAVE#46+305 Neuron microQkb Andromeda XTk Blofeld]>+

SD adaptation for Waldorf rackAttack V1.04R1:

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