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[ITP] cross-pkg-config

In cygport git master, I changed how cygport uses pkg-config when cross-compiling.

While pkg-config isn't technically a target tool (its configure doesn't accept --target), using the plain pkg-config for cross-compiling requires setting several environment variables. While this is easy within the confines of cygport, it's not practical for independent usage.

Instead, pkg-config can be configured at build time with several options to behave like a target tool by default, and PKG_FIND_PKG_CONFIG actually uses AC_PATH_TOOL to find PKG_CONFIG. Hence, Fedora provides such packages for the mingw-w64 toolchains, as do I for my Cygwin toolchains there.

Therefore, as of commit af8971d, cygport now requires a $host-pkg-config for cross-toolchains. These packages should be built with toolchain.cygclass and configured as such:


I already have packages for the cygwin and mingw-w64 cross-toolchains. I intend to upload these in the next few days, after which I should be ready to ship a new version of cygport.


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