gmondump — Display formatted contents of profile data files


gmondump [-v] [FILENAME...]

gmondump -h | -V


  -h, --help             Display usage information and exit
  -v, --verbose          Display more file details (toggle: default false)
  -V, --version          Display version information and exit


The gmondump utility displays the contents of one or more profile data files. Such files usually have names starting with "gmon.out" and are created by a profiling program such as profiler or ssp. Compiling your gcc/g++ programs with option -pg also works.

By default, summary information is shown. You can use the option -v to get more detailed displays.

Note that gmondump just displays the raw data; one would usually use gprof to display the data in a useful form incorporating symbolic info such as function names and source line numbers.

Here is an example of gmondump operation:

$ gmondump gmon.out.21900.zstd.exe
file gmon.out.21900.zstd.exe, gmon version 0x51879, sample rate 100
  address range 0x100401000..0x1004cc668
  numbuckets 208282, hitbuckets 1199, hitcount 12124, numrawarcs 0